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Pursue a Lifestyle, Not a Job

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“We get to be 30 years old and yea, we have a kick-ass career, but what about what’s REALLY important?”

Written by GenY_Girl (Kayla Cruz), this blog post reminds us to not forget about our lifestyles when building our careers.

Jobs are important, but what’s also important is other aspects of our lives which are essential in helping us grow, being happy and at peace, and living a valuable life:

  • Family
  • Hobbies
  • Traveling
  • Friends

The main concern is with Millennial’s. For those in college or about to graduate, being taught to primarily focus on a career is great, but be very careful to not expend all energy on building a career and forgetting about the other awesome parts of life.

Be successful, but in a balanced way.

Read Pursue a Lifestyle, Not a Job here

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Make Research Your Best Friend


I believe research is imperative no matter what we do. I also think it’s an activity we do subconsciously on a daily basis whether we’re shopping, blogging, job searching or caring for our family.

For our careers, research can be the be-all, end-all. Have you ever encountered a situation when you thought to yourself “if he/she did some research, he/she would be more prepared?”

In recent months, colleagues have contacted me to inquire about job openings with the company I’m working for or to interview me about my current role or professional experience. As much as I’m flattered to be interviewed or more than happy to lend a helping hand, I know they didn’t do their research because I no longer work for the companies they’re inquiring about.

The Internet is a marvelous tool. When I Google “samantha hartley ottawa,” the first link that pops up (for me) is my LinkedIn profile and on the first line of my profile is the company I work for and for how long.

In fact, my LinkedIn profile tells you everything about me since 2004. It never misses a beat and it’s public information.

Research is very important, no matter what your goal or activity is. Please don’t be “that” guy or girl who shows up for class the next day without completing their homework.


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