Lisa Larter shares how you can network to get results

This week’s post for Business Etiquette #2 is a combination between two topics: networking and being a team leader.

As I was writing my post based on the cliche “There’s no “I” in team”, I came across Lisa Larter’s blog post Five Ways You Can Network to Get Results. It’s not the networking tips that caught my attention, but her suggestion to help others while networking.

Beyond the business cards, work day stories and employee banters, Lisa describes how you can cultivate a better network with value: lend a helping hand.

In addition to lending a helping hand, it’s always nice to say thank you and recognize those that have helped you. Here’s a few personal ways you can recognize your helpers or mentors:

  1. #FF – also known as Follow Friday’s on Twitter. Every Friday I use this hashtag to recognize people that have helped me in some way, shape or form. It’s my “#payitforward #FF.”
  2. Send a thank you card. If someone referred me for a job or went out of their way to recognize me, I mail them a handwritten thank you card or deliver in person if possible. Everyone loves receiving mail that’s not a bill. I suggest buying classy, decorative cards that will look good on any office desk, whether it be for a man or woman.
  3. Coffee date. We all deserve a coffee break even if you don’t drink coffee. Business executives take clients and stakeholders out for beer or dinner all the time, but it’s not always about business. Treat your helpful colleague(s) to a coffee or beer, or dinner (whichever you’re more comfortable with) and try not to talk about business the whole time. This is a great opportunity to see if you have common interests or mutual friends. You may also learn a different thing or two that could possibly help your business.
You can read my post on “There’s no “I” in team” here.

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